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A breakthrough in innovation, the powerful versatile portable device for where the handwriting input is essential.

  • 4 in 1 professional Pen-Input device with digital notes taking and tablet features
  • Perfect tool for instant annotations at the meeting to build an interactive presentation lieu
  • Great tool for handwriting mails, Office document annotations, and MSN handwriting chatting
  • Transfer digital pages to PC via USB cable, for efficiently sharing the minutes, notes or sketches via E-mail
  • No special paper, A4/Letter size regular paper suitable.
  • Smart ink files management, with 26 folders (A~Z), 99 pages each.
  • 32MB memory built-in for 100 pages stored-up, SD card expandable.

    Operation System : Windows 2000/XP



Use the digital ink pen, just write down what ever you want on ordinary paper as the natural way. Your notes, ideas, and sketch will be stored in the pad digitally in real time.

Convert to popular format - JPEG/BMP/PDF/Html/RAR/e-mail message for further arrangement in Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, painter, and other applications.

Handwritten files recognized to text for sharing.




  You can integrate your handwritings into Microsoft Word or Excel form templates, making a complete digital form.



The offline sketch can be edited in professional S/Ws. A perfect presentation assistant at the meetings. Great tool for handwriting mails, Office document annotations, and MSN handwriting chatting.



SDK (Software Development Kits) is available for advanced form application. Please contact us.


Digital Ink Pad  
( 331.9 x 252.8 x 13.5 ) mm
Active Area
8 1/2" x 11"
670.0g (642.8g without battery)
Writing height
13.5 mm (around 135 sheets)
Built-in Memory
32 MB NAND flash
Expandable Storage
Secure Digital Memory card
AAA battery* 4
Battery Life
Continuous Writing Time: more than 20 hr
Power consumption
Writing Time: 80~90mA (240 ~ 270 mW)
Standby Time: 15~20mA(45~60 mW)
Power Supply
Inking: 1.5V AAA Battery * 4
USB port when connecting to computers
Power Saving
5 sec Auto-Standby; 15 min shut-down
Connection Interface
USB 1.1 (12Mbps Full Speed)
1000 Lpi
Reporter Rate
160 report/per second
Digital ink pen
13.6 mm
28.4g (20.4g without battery)
AAA * 1
Battery Life ( writing hours)
15 months
LED Indicator
Blinking if low power


  - Digital Pad * 1
- Digital Ink Pen * 1
- Note Paper Pad * 1
- Special USB cable* 1
- AAA batteries * 5 (4 for Pad, 1 for Pen)
- Digital Ink Pad A/P CD * 1
- Digital Pressure Pen (optional)
- AAA Charger + AAA Chargeable batteries (optional )
- Pad Portfolio(optional)
  - Microsoft Windows XP/2000
- PentiumIII 1GHz (or equivalent) processor or higher
- 256MB of RAM
- CD ROM drive
- An available USB port
- Color monitor



For easily preview, edit, or share digital pages in JPEG/BMP/PDF/Html format to friends via e-mail. Your handwritings also can be integrated with Microsoft Office documents for further arrangement.


  • Tablet Driver manager: WHQL Certificated USB Tablet driver.

Convert handwritten notes into powerful digital text!
MyScript Notes 2.0 is ready-to-use handwriting recognition software that converts handwritten notes into digital information for further use in back-end applications such as Microsoft Word, Outlook or Lotus Notes. It can work well with Digital Ink Pad and also be used with all devices requiring handwritten input, such as Digital pens, Tablet PCs and Graphic tablets.
Vision Objects' MyScript Technology converts handwriting, shapes, tables and diagrams to be further processed in Microsoft Word or sent to Outlook. It respects the original layout of documents and features an ink editor to erase, highlight or replace text.

MyScript is a registered trademark of Vision Objects Corporation.
Copyright © 2005 Vision Objects. All rights reserved.